Why would you want to go to Makerland?

It became clear to us recently that not everyone realize how awesome Makerland is going to be. What’s even worse - we have noticed people wanting to go but feeling they don’t have required knowledge to attend. We wrote this post to clear this up!

So why would you want to go?

Become a Maker

Makerland is a place where everyone can become a maker, and we mean it. Our workshops are prepared even for absolute beginners too. Non-techical too. Not programming too. Yes, you too! :)

Go back to childhood!

It’s pure fun, like getting back to your childhood Just take a look:

Learn new cool stuff and techniques

  • basic soldering
  • 3D modeling with ease
  • printing your 3D models
  • build robots :)
  • control drones
  • control your house
  • connect things to the internet

And so much more soon to be announced!

It’s a great event to take your significant other.. wait, what?

Yes, Makerland is going to be a one hell of a place, we’ll have 330 awesome helpful, positive and creative people there to meet and have fun with! And you can stay in Warsaw for the following week, it’s a cheap and wonderful city to visit! Every workshop is suitable for non-technical person, all we require is positive attitude and being eager to learn :)

You’re going to have fun even if you’re already a maker

Our workshop will be fully customisable, seriously :) It’s one of the reasons we decided to do asynchronous workshops.

Let’s say you’re going for Arduino Yun workshops and you know already how to do basic stuff with Yun. We’re going to have extra programme, tasks and ideas for you, and tons of hardware to tinker with.

Epic Keynote Speakers and workshop leaders

Makerland is not just “workshops” but full 3 day experience. Part of this experience are inspirational keynotes - we have already announced great speakers including Dan Friedman from Ninja Blocks, Kate Drane from IndieGoGo, John Biggs from TechCrunch and workshop leaders: Jason Huggins from Saucelabs, Felix Geisendörfer from Nodecopter..  and this is just a beginning!

Crazy peope run this conference

Yes, we admit it: we’re crazy. We decided to do a conference in a circus tent.. and we succeeded!

Just take a look at good things people said about previous event we have organized in May. We take care of every little detail so everything is optimized for attendee hapiness!

Attend biggest hardware hackathon ever!

Imagine 3D printing farm with 50 printers! And all the stuff we used at Makerland being avaiable for the hackathon! This is going to be something amazin. Never attended a hackathon before? No worries, it’s for everyone!

Lightning hack sessions and awesome afterparties!

We’re going to host lighting hacks & talks sessions so you can share your own experiences with the audience or just listen to crazy stuff other people did. In the evenings we’re going to have awesome afterparties with entartaining tournaments, special attractions and best polish beer.

* lighting talk is a strictly time limited presentation, like 5 minutes or so :)

Extend your creativity zone!

Let’s get some perspective - it’s possible that you’re not going to be soldering after Makerland, but by coming to Makerland you’re definetely going to get yourself out of your comfort zone, and let me add - in a comfortable environment! Where else would you find something like that?

If your looking for inspiration and energy - Makerland is a place to be!

Do not procrastinate. Our first batch of tickets sold out in 14 minutes!

We never expected that the demand for event like this is so huge. This is one of the reasons tickets are selling so fast. At the same time we want to make sure everyone can get one, so we’re going to release multiple announced batches so you can make it! If you have custom requirements - e.g. you cannot buy a ticket in a given timeframe - write to us! We want to help! 

Today we’re going to sell last batch of 2 for 1 voucher tickets for a very affordable price. It is not to late to sign up for this batch!

More about tickets.