Welcome to Makerland Book!

We are really proud of our amazing workshop leaders who prepared very detailed tutorials for all attendees. In order to say them big ‘THANK YOU’ and make their effort everlasting we decided to publish their collective work in a form of book!


It is good to mention that during the conference we released the book as an open source on Github - and because we believe in sharing the knowledge about Internet of Things - we decided to release the Makerland Book in two other forms: as a PDF file and as a paperback edition.

In fact the book is available for free. The PDF version is just a “pay what you want” starting from $0. Paperback edition is for  $9 which covers only the printing and production costs. It has 150+ black and white pages of awesome material, full-color laminated covers with gloss finish.

The book is available on the dedicated website with the full table of content and authors list. Spread the world about it!



Yeah, it took us some time to process all of this that happen last week. We just couldn’t be happier about the result and it was everything that we’ve ever dreamed of. 

There will be some time to do the summaries later, but for now I just want to say on behalf of the whole Makerland team: THANK YOU.

Thank you for your trust, energy and time you put into making Makerland what it was. Thank you for spending these three unforgettable days with us and giving us so much of yourselves. Thank your for your creativity, smiles, laughs and joy.

When I was opening Makerland on the very first day, I said that it’s all about community, it’s all about the people. You’re going to make this event something awesome for yourselves. You delivered better than we ever thought you would. You’re all awesome.

Our main goals from the very first day: to help curate a real Maker community, to make amazing new friendships. Most importantly, when you come to Makerland, we wanted you to feel like a family connected with the same kind of energy and joy. I think we nailed all of this together. Thank you for being a part of this.

As Kuba said: 

Makerland is a little bit like a car engine: series of controlled explosions of creativity that moves us forward.

We really hope to see you all next year. Already missing you!

We’re going to post videos, photos, summaries and plans in the next few weeks. Follow us on our twitter or facebook.

Cloud Infused Raspberries

Ladies and gentleman, I present you one of our Quantum Brains - Interoute!

They are offering.. cloud services..

Wait, what? Why would they come to Makerland?

Internet of Things is millions of devices connected together, global network infrastructure, linking physical and virtual objects. You could build your own internet infrastructure but it’s extremely expensive, hard and takes a lot of time. Instead you can just build a device and use Interoute’s infrastructure for storing virtual objects.


Interoute’s platform is based on physical fibre-optic network, spanning 60,000 km and 30 countries. Their network helps ensure in-country data residency across the EU and is trusted by banks, major brands, and governments. This means plugging a Raspberry Pi into Interoute platform gives global access, redundancy and availability of your devices. 

You will be able to find folks from Interoute at Makerland, make sure to talk to them about the details. We are proud to have Interoute as our partner.

Explore Makerland with Isobar

We’ve got something amazing for you! So excited to introduce you Isobar Explorer!


This piece of hardware will be one of our guests at the conference :) What’s so special about it? Isobar Explorer will move around our venue and show the world outside how we’re doing. Anyone will be able to remotely steer the device by an app (it’ll be available really soon). It allows an online video+audio streaming AND you can interact with Makerland attendees too! How cool is that?! 

You can see here how it works.

Who’s behind this?

We’re happy to present one of Makerland sponsors - Isobar, a global digital marketing agency. Isobar creates fascinating Brand stories that melt creative, media, technology and data. To accelerate their understanding of new technologies they started Nowlab initiative. One of its main outputs is “making things” - they invent new solutions, products and services. They’ll be at the conference to share passion of making things with all of you.

We encourage you to attend Michal Peczalski’s keynote about being a maker in an advertising agency (Tuesday, 11:00).

Makerland is in 6 days. Your checklist!

You probably can’t wait until next Monday as much as we. It’s going to be SO AWESOME. 

But before you start your journey to becoming a Maker, there is a couple of things you need to remember about. To make it easier, we prepared a checklist for you!

❒  Pack your laptop, you’ll need it during all the workshops and hackathon.
❒  Don’t forget the laptop charger :) 
❒  Choose workshops you want to attend! Full agenda and list of workshops may be handy.
❒  Know your way to the awesome Makerland venue. Jakdojade.pl is really useful to navigate in the city.
❒  Pack your umbrella, rain coat and warmer jacket. We heard there maybe some minor rain next week.
❒  Mark your calendar with 2 Makerland parties! Details are here
❒  Want to speed things up? Install Arduino software on your laptop. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how, you will do this during your first workshop!
❒  Visit some Warsaw! Here is your guide.
❒  Let your friends know that you’re coming to Makerland! Use #makerland hashtag on twitter :) 
❒  Most importantly: prepare for a lot of fun and knowledge. Left your fear at home if you feel like you know too little. Get your smile on and start making things! 

We really really can’t wait to see you.

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